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David Jandrell- Valleys Humour

David Jandrell’s first ‘What’s On In Cwmcarn’ newsletter- Legacy Edition

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What’s On In Cwmcarn

This is a digital reproduction of the very first Whats On In Cwmcarn newsletter, which began to document David Jandrell’s love of Valleyspeak, and later became the book Cwmtwp: Gossip From the Valleys and led to the Welsh Valleys Phrasebook and Welsh Valleys Humour.  Sit back and enjoy this reproduction, or legacy editition, as introduced…

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David Jandrell: Introducing The Welsh Valleys Phrasebook

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David Jandrell- Welsh Valleys Phrasebook

David Jandrell’s mission in life is documenting the the dialect of the South Wales Valleys (also known as Wenglish), and sharing his love of phrases such ‘Tidy’, ‘Butt’, ‘Now in a minute’ and ‘Cwtch’ with the wider world.  Here he introduces Valleys English, gives a sample of popular phrases and explanations from Welsh Valleys Phrasebook…

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